Our Baby Unit is designed with areas for eating (without the worry of making a mess when learning to feed themselves); free play, allowing space for ‘growing and developing’ and a cosy area to allow quiet times and encourage ‘emotional well-being’. Each baby has his/her own cot where their own comforters will be waiting for them at sleep times. Within our home-from-home environment that encourages exploration, independence and investigation through play, your baby will be able to form close attachments and be nurtured by qualified and experienced nursery nurses.

baby2The routine your baby has during the day is the same as you have at home. It is important that the babies have continuity of care so the key person and the parents work closely together ensuring the baby feels safe and secure. The parents are vital in the information sharing process to inform the baby room staff about key changes in routine such as sleep patterns, weaning, independence skills and the support a baby may need throughout a nursery day.

Our separate baby changing room is designed to keep nappy changing times fun and hygienic whilst respecting the privacy of the child.