Learning & Development

The Early Years Foundation Stage is the foundation from which all learning and development takes place. It is our role collectively as a team at Tiny Town to ensure all children in our care are given a wide variety of opportunities to learn and develop their skills to prepare them for all future education.

lad1There are four elements which support and enhance the learning and development of each child. These are;

A unique child – Every child is a Unique Child who is constantly learning. Our role is to understand each child’s personal journey and to observe, assess and plan for each child’s progress so they can achieve next steps. We support babies and children to establish a sense of their own identity and culture and ensure we give them all the support they need. Children at Tiny Town are kept safe and are respected as individuals. They are shown how to respect each other and celebrate each other’s uniqueness.

Positive relationships – Children learn to be independent learners through a supported learning environment with positive relationships. Relationships at Tiny Town are warm and loving and we provide an environment where children can feel a sense of belonging. Tiny Town Nursery Nurses are sensitive and responsive to the individual needs of each child and acknowledge children’s thoughts feelings and emotions. We have a learning environment which has consistent rules and boundaries so the children can be responsible for the choices they make and can learn from them. We operate a key worker system which enables the children and their families to have a close working relationship with a familiar adult who recognises their specific and personal needs.

lad2Enabling environments – Children learn and develop when in an environment which is rich in learning opportunities and have stimulating resources which reflect their community and culture. The children at Tiny Town have supporting adults to help them take risks and explore. The children are shown how to value all members of the nursery and to appreciate that all members have a valuable contribution to make. There is a strong partnership between staff, children, parents and carers which enables us to share in family experiences which, in turn, enhances and extends valuable learning opportunities for all children.

Learning and development – Children learn and develop at their own pace and in their own way. It is the role of Tiny Town Nursery Nurses to find the best possible way for your children to access learning, taking into consideration their family unit, language spoken within the home, cultural and religious views, special educational needs and the way each individual child learns effectively. We aim to provide a challenging and achievable learning environment so each child has their specific needs met.

Playing and exploring, Active Learning and Creating and Thinking Critically are the key characteristics of effective early learning.