main2Main Room

The main classroom is for children aged 2-5 years. Within the classroom environment children have opportunities for free choice, resources are easily assessable for the children and labelled with words and pictures so even the youngest members can self select. The staff support the children within small groups to learn and develop through interaction and communication.

main1Whilst children are playing and learning they need time and support to find out and explore, be willing to try and have a go and play with the resources in different ways and in different areas to consolidate what they know. The children need to engage in active learning, by being involved and concentrating they are encouraged to keep trying so they can achieve what they set out to do. Creating and critically thinking are key skills which enable our children to express their own thoughts and ideas and choose the way in which they wish to carry those ideas out.

The way the classroom is utilised by children and staff members allows all of these elements to come together. Within this enabling environment we help each child as a valued and respected individual to reach and exceed personal next steps in development.